• Preamplifiers


    INTUWORX™ Pre-amplifiers and signal distribution products help to select, mix & deploy any type of source signal.

  • Amplifiers | Lo-Z

    Amplifiers | Lo-Z

    INTUFORCE™ Low Impedance power amplifiers are rugged, reliable and designed to last while sounding well even under demanding loads.

  • Loudspeakers


    INTUCAB™ loudspeakers offer pristine sound, excellent dynamics and sustainable power ratings.

  • Installation Accessories

    Installation Accessories

    A range of brackets and add-on kits to help installing INTUSONIC™ products with ease.


  • Starfelt up north

    Starfelt up north

    AUG-2021: Starfelt Company AB, the leading commercial audio distributor in Scandinavia, has joined us for better sound in northern Europe.


    We welcome qualified contractors and integrators and look for stocking distributors. Contact us at sales [at] adelto [dot] com
  • Bel Suono for Italy

    Bel Suono for Italy

    DEC-2021: Joining the roster of top professional distributors, we welcome Phoebus from Italy’s Milan area to the Intusonic family.
  • Slovakia on a sound mission

    Slovakia on a sound mission

    NOV-2021: BS Acoustics from Radošovce has added INTUSONIC™ to their impressive portfolio of brands targetting smart audio solutions.
  • INTUCAB™ 100V kits now available

    INTUCAB™ 100V kits now available

    DEC-2021: the much requested 100V kits for the IntuCab 4FW50T and 6FP100T speakers are now available from stock.
  • Benelux listens up

    Benelux listens up

    DEC-2021: Netherland’s well-known Main Gear Supply has joined the INTUSONIC™  network serving the Netherlands and Belgium.
  • Smart sound in Auckland

    Smart sound in Auckland

    DEC-2021: A warm welcome to the new distributor in New Zealand – Livesound Ltd. has joined us to bring INTUSONIC™ to their beautiful country.

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